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German universities provide more than 500 courses and programs in English with excellent quality of Education.

Germany is quite attractive spot for talented students to get free education. Depends on credential of students, education is free and scholarships also available. In case student will apply for free education then still he/she will show living expenses i.e. for visa purpose, opening of account is required in Deutsche bank amounting to (8040 EURO).


For application to university, you will require;

For a Bachelor's degree:

A-Level qualification or B.A two years from Pakistan.


For a Master's degree and PhD programmers’:

Master’s (Annual systems) or (Bachelor’s Honours) Degree.



Depending on the subject you would like to study in Germany, there are different options for funding. Scholarships are offered by different institution. Getting scholarships depends mostly by applicant’s marks/grades obtained and his/her course relevancy, and relevant job experience in some cases.


Finding accommodation


Student should require to Look for an affordable room as early as possible, and search through as many channels as possible. You can also take help of our team in finding the reasonable accommodation in advance, before you begin your studies in Germany.



In every university, there is international office's help desk to assist you for finding job and gives you useful information. Many universities also offer their own job portals for students and sometimes even career services. Work is allowed in Germany and working permit is already included in your visa.

Students from non-EU countries are allowed to remain in Germany for the purpose of looking for employment for a maximum of 18 months after graduating. They can also apply for the Permanent Resident permit.


If you have more question you can contact us and our members of staff are happy to advise you about scholarships, study courses and the system of higher education in Germany.





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