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North Cyprus


North Cyprus offers affordable tuition fee and moderate living expenses to International students. Programmes are 100% in English where we are facilitating students in admissions at Bachelor, Master’s and PhD level. All Undergraduate and graduate programmes are internationally recognized.

Easy visa process no hassles of Bank statement and student can apply without IELTS so there is no English proficiency required.



Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Ministry of National Education and Sports awards scholarships for international students based on their academic performance.


Full Scholarship

Tuition Fee + Dormitory Fee + Allowance (200 $*12 months) + Stationary Aid (120 Turkish Liras/Semester)


Partial Scholarship

Allowance (200 $*12 months) + Stationary aid (120 Turkish Liras/Semester)


Finding accommodation

Most students prefer to stay on-campus especially during first couple years of their studies in North Cyprus. The benefits of staying on-campus goes beyond safety and easy access to lecture halls that are only minutes walk away; residence halls provides perfect opportunities to meet friends from over sixty different cultures all around the world, It’s very easy to book accommodation in advance before your arrival to North Cyprus. NACT team will help you finding reasonable accommodation for your living.


Jobs and Internships

Students can find part time jobs while studying in bars, cafes, restaurants, shops, or even in their universities (in campus jobs). After graduation, full-time jobs in Hotels, Banks, and international companies are available to students if they have good knowledge of Turkish and English.


The recent discovery of petrol and oil in the coastline of the island has spurred the need for more working hands as well. The economy still runs on a free market structure and there is a need of a more delineated structure between private and government sectors. Therefore, it seems like more and more international graduates will be looking to stay and work in Cyprus after they complete their studies.


Living Expenses

North Cyprus Universities offers affordable tuition fees as well as accommodation charges, whilst North Cyprus offers moderate living expenses. Estimated average living expenses for Pakistani students are 200 to 300 USD per month.






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